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How we sold Lauren’s condo for record price
“While working with Darin we were able to sell our condo pretty quickly and for more than we thought was possible. We sold it for a record price in our building! Throughout the process I was very impressed with the whole team. They were very attentive, quick to respond, and made us feel like we were appreciated customers. I feel like they went above and beyond at every turn. They were flexible to work around our schedule and made sure to get us in to see houses. In one case we put an offer in on a house that already had a bunch of offers. Darin knew the listing agent for the house and his relationship with the agent allowed us to put in an offer very quickly, which put us second in line for the house. Darin was awesome! I also loved working with everyone on his team, everyone was superstar! We definitely felt like we were in great hands.” -Lauren

How we fought to help Nancy through tough issues
“The results were excellent working with Darin. We had issues with our sellers’ bank and Darin really fought for us. He got monetary compensation for us and got them to also pay our bank to extend our interest rate because they were not meeting the deadlines they were supposed to. When this happened a second time, he was able to negotiate and get them to pay the seller of the house we were buying because the delays affected them as well. We were really impressed because he had this written in the contract before we started the process, which helped us avoid more problems in the long-run. We really appreciated that and would’ve never been able to navigate that on our own, or with other realtors we’ve worked with in the past. During our first meeting with Darin he asked us what was most important, which to me, was communication. He was very diligent every step of the way and his team was always available to give us updates. They were very transparent in letting us know what was going on and being honest without trying to hide any of the problems that we had run into.

I was also impressed because the house we bought needed some upgrades and his referrals were great! I was really impressed with the bank and contractor he referred us to. I’m a picky person and like to know every detail going on and they were great at communicating that with me. Everyone that Darin works with seem to hold the same standards that he has which was awesome.” -Nancy

How we supported Christine through a tricky negotiation
“I am extremely satisfied and he was super knowledgeable, extremely professional, and always available. He helped me through a couple instances that were hard to navigate for me, but his experience and knowledge was extremely beneficial. It got tricky in the negotiation in the end that the buyer was requesting things that were outside of the original agreement and Darin was super supportive to help work through that. It was stressful for me and he has a calm demeanor that helped reassure me, and ultimately we got the result that we wanted. I only have superlative things to say about Darin and his whole team! He treats people in a very professional way, but you also feel that he treats you with the respect of a friend.” -Christine

How we kept Gwendolyn informed while out of state
“We had excellent results working with Darin, exactly what we wanted in a very quick time frame! He was most helpful! Towards the end of the process he came to my son and his wife’s home and we did paperwork to make an offer and a couple hours later he was setting everything up over the phone. After I returned back to Texas Darin and his team made sure to call and email to make sure I knew everything that was going on with all of the processes we had to go through to get to the closing date. The reason my son and his wife chose him as an agent was because he was Dave Ramsey approved, which really stood out to them. My experience was great, if I buy anymore property out there I will be sure to call Darin!” -Gwendolyn

How we provided Yvonne with the best home selling experience
“The results were excellent with Darin, we sold our house within a timely manner. We put it on the market in July and it sold in September, so we were very happy with that. Everything Darin and his team did was above and beyond! Darin has a number of connections, including international and our house actually sold to an international couple. He did a really good job of marketing our property, it was excellent. We were delighted with him, we will choose him again and highly recommend him to anyone we know selling in the area! As far as the whole team, they were very respectful to contact during the hours that worked best for me, they honored that in every instance with no slip ups. They honored my requests about the showings and I found that his staff had great follow through. Every part of the process was above the normal standard that we’ve had, and we’ve pretty much bought and sold every two years and this was the best experience that we’ve ever had!” -Yvonne

How Chris trusted us through his home purchase
“Working with Darin was phenomenal, I got the house I wanted so no complaints there! They were very professional, did everything I asked them to do and everything worked out very well. Everything they did was above and beyond. I was in Idaho and they went and walked through the house while FaceTiming me, so I basically bought the house without seeing it in person and trusted them enough to do that. During the home search they would pick me up and drive me around to see houses, which was a very nice touch. They made me feel like I was important to them, which was great!” -Chris

How we went out of our way to help Remie with her transaction
“It has always been a great experience working with Darin and his team! This last transaction, he went out of his way to help us close escrow. There was a problem with the sewer and Darin negotiated with the city to make sure everything was fixed. I’ve dealt with Darin and his team for about 3 years now and I will continue to work with them for future real estate transactions!”” -Remie

How we helped negotiate Brian’s home purchase
“We got a great home! Darin and his team were always available to work with me, they met with us after business hours routinely and helped us negotiate with several loan officers. The really did a lot in order to help us find our home.” -Brian