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What 4 Factors Contribute Most Heavily to Your Home’s Value?


When it comes to your home’s value, these four things factor in more heavily than anything else.

What are the four most prominent factors that contribute to the value of your home?

The first and biggest factor is the condition of your kitchen and bathrooms. If you have an upgraded kitchen or a remodeled bathroom, you’ll get a better return on investment for your property because these are the two places homebuyers are most interested in as far as updates and features go.

The second factor is the square footage of your home and any additional rooms it has. The larger a home is, the more value it will accumulate—especially if it has a couple extra bonus rooms. If a home is too large for the market, however, that might be a detriment to its value.

Kitchens and bathrooms are where you can add the most value to your home.


The third factor is the overall aesthetics and the condition of the property. If your home has upgrades, it’s nice and clean, and you’ve staged it properly, that will create a lot of appeal among buyers in the marketplace.

The fourth and final factor is the home’s curb appeal. If a property has well-manicured landscaping and is very welcoming to anyone who drives up to it, that adds a considerable amount to its overall value.

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