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The 5 P’s That Lead to a Successful San Diego Home Sale


Today, we’ll discuss the five P’s of a successful home sale.

  1. Preparing your home for sale.
    One of the biggest hurdles many of our clients face is changing their psychology from homeowner to home seller. We recommend investing in the buyer’s experience by decluttering, depersonalizing and creating a warm, neutral, and inviting space.feb-1
  2. Pricing strategy.
    The list price is an instrumental part of the selling strategy. To properly price a property, we look at active, competing and recently sold homes and make adjustments based on the trajectory of the market, location, condition, and several other important factors. We also take into account any deficiencies and examine the upgrades and improvements you’ve made and how those will impact value. Keep in mind, the list price is not the market value; it is a strategy designed to sell the home.
  3. Presentation and marketing of the home.
    In order to find the right marketing mix for your property, utilize an agent with a combination of digital and print strategies to place your home in front of a targeted audience. Ensure your agent supplements marketing efforts by prospecting potential buyers, sourcing other agents, and making other relevant contacts in your region for optimum positioning. A team of dedicated staff should ensure a fully executed marketing package to deliver maximum exposure, both locally and abroad.
  4. Price watching.
    Keeping an eye on consumer feedback is key. For example, when we see a high volume of showings, but receive no offers while homes nearby are selling, the market is telling us the pricing strategy is off. To achieve the sale, we would recommend a re-positioning of the property.
  5. The professional you choose to handle the sale.
    It’s a given that if you don’t select the right real estate agent, the other 4 P’s may not even matter. A professional agent ensures a smooth transaction and has the experience and market savvy to position your home for the best possible value while negotiating on your behalf.

Call or send us an email with questions or to discuss the process further. Our goal is to help you!

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